AutoboxPac systems can meet the unique needs of a variety of industries. Our team has worked with a number of Fortune 100 companies and our founders have over six decades of combined experience in the design and development of custom automation, material handling, and packaging applications. We are dedicated to helping our customers solve complex problems with simple solutions that are cost-effective, low risk, and easy to implement.

  Autoboxpac Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Packaged Goods

Our automated case packing systems can be customized to handle a wide range of products, manage a variety of sorting and packaging, and ensure the protection of your products.

 Autoboxpac Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage

Our team can design flexible automated systems that meet your sorting and packing needs, ensure maximum throughput, comply with regulatory requirements, and protect your products from being damaged.

  Autoboxpac Pet Food and Pet Care

Pet Food & Pet Care

Our automated case packing systems provide the reliability needed to meet FDA and USDA safety requirements and our vision inspection and labeling systems will ensure product packing integrity and compliance with traceability mandates

 Autoboxpac Industrial and Household Products

Industrial & Household Products

Our team will design fast and accurate automated case packing solutions to meet your unique needs and will ensure that your products are handled safely and securely.

Autoboxpac Cosmetic and Personal Care

Cosmetic & Personal Care

Our automated case packing systems can accommodate a wide range of products and packaging including plastic and glass containers, bundles, open trays, and more.

Autoboxpac Industries Custom Pharmaceuticals


Our automated case packing systems meet clean room environment standards, support evolving product demands, comply with rigorous regulatory guidelines, and provide greater accountability detecting problems in real-time.

Autoboxpac Industries Custom E-Commerce


Our automated case packing systems meet high-speed, high-variation sorting, on-demand picking, and mixed pallet loading needs.

Autoboxpac Industries Custom Warehouse Distribution

Warehouse Distribution

Our automated case packing systems can be designed to reliably pick a variety of SKUs with enhanced vision technology and custom robotic end-of-arm tooling capabilities.

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