Automate your manual box packing operations with AutoboxPac.

Transform Your Box Packing Operations

AutoboxPac is your single source manufacturer for custom automatic box packing systems. Our team combines standard case forming and sealing equipment with innovative, robust, and reliable product handling solutions to provide cost effective automated box packing systems. With this specific focus, we bring together the most proven system elements to automate box packing operations, resulting in predictable production output and a strong return on investment. By replacing manual labor with our customized systems, customers often experience a payback in less than one year.

Custom Automated Box Packing Systems

Our team takes a whole-system approach to designing and manufacturing packing solutions to meet your unique needs. Through this approach, our talented mechanical and electrical/controls engineers build systems that can be integrated with existing upstream and downstream manufacturing processes or support the launch of new product lines.


Input from various sources including conveyors, bins, pallets, totes, manufacturing equipment, etc.

Inconsistently shaped items

Various orientations

Different counts

Diverse groupings

Heavy or light weight

Small or large products

High or slow speeds

Simple or complex systems

Soft or rigid products

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